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Whether or not video poker is better than the real deal; one thing is for certain, millions of online gamers are fans of video poker. This game has become phenomenally popular throughout the past 30-or-so years, and every single online casino, online bingo site and now many online poker sites also offer video poker.

While the popularity of these games may raise disapproving eyebrows in the ranks of the purist poker player; the fact remains that this type of poker has its place and time and may not be written-off out-of-hand. It has a great deal going for it as far as any form of gambling game goes and as a legitimate, yet alternative way to play poker, its value cannot be diminished.

Video poker dates back to the days of the earliest arcade games; we are talking about the marriage of a TV monitor-type screen and what were then referred to a "microprocessors" but were not the same microprocessors as we now have today. Graphics were seriously pixilated and animation was non-existent, but the game was fun all the same. From the moment the first machines were launched onto casino floors, they have proven to be massively popular – this has never changed. These games flourish on casinos floors, and it was a natural evolutionary process for them to progress to online video poker games. In terms of the popularity of video poker, we can't see anything changing; not now, nor in the future.

As a genre more or less of its own – advances in technology have swept this game along in tide of both hardware and software development, but the one thing about it is, the game remains the same. It is a card game first and foremost which obvious tweaks to rules and strategy offers the player quite a lot of variation. But, as far as the way it looks is concerned, the only real changes to take place are better RNG algorithms and superior photorealistic graphics. Certainly in looks, the new video poker games – online or off, are a world removed graphically from their shaky pioneers.

In terms of the way in which video poker played, it is an exact representation of the way a poker game plays. The hands which play must be poker hands and strategy must be used for the best possible winning outcome. While video poker is more like "casino poker" as the gamer plays against the bank; there is no doubt about the fact that a skilled video poker player may well be able to hold his (her) own in match against a live opponent. Once those combinations of cards become familiar, and the various strategies are grasped, the brain like the sponge it is, becomes a poker processor. Its like learning to ride a bike; one simply never forgets.

Playing video poker is challenging; without the challenge or confrontation of coming up against a real live opponent, and with dozens of games represented at different coin ranges there is very little chance of becoming bored or broke. Interestingly enough, if video poker is played with 100% correct strategy, it also offers one of the highest returns of any other game in the casino.

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