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Video poker has been called many things, some people even call it a slot – but it's not actually a slot machine; it's a slightly more complex game. Online video poker is exactly the same games as we find at the rows of consoles popularly played on casino floors. Poker hands must be made and to facilitate a winning outcome, players must strategically hold specific cards to make up the best poker hands that they can. For trying out your poker skills and what you understand of the hands played, an online video poker game is a very good place to start.

The games on these machines are based on Five-Card-Draw, with the minimum hand as a starter hand; being a pair of Jacks. This is the reason why you will see many online video poker games are called "Jacks or Better". So essentially, if you don't land a pair of Jacks or better there is no possibility to win. By the same token, learning to process which cards make good connector cards is also a useful skill. Connector cards are the cards which make up flushes and so on.

Each variation of video poker requires the player to use specific strategy for the best possible winning outcomes. Also the nice thing about this game is that it often allows wild cards to be played and the gamer may play multiple hands. For example, Aces, Deuces or Jokers can be wild and in this instance the lowest possible hand to start a game would be three of a kind or in some instances two pairs. Each and every game has its own rules and strategies to play.

Multi-hand online video poker may allow the gamer to play up to 100 hands simultaneously. How the player manages to do this; we don't know, but what we do know is it takes a great deal of practice and skill, as well as a reasonably big bankroll.

Even though anyone with a basic idea of poker rules can play video poker, don't be frightened off if you don't how to play. Just like a slot machine provides pay-tables, so does an online video poker game. When we read the pay tables it tells us what type of hand will win the most amount of money, and this is the players guideline to how to strategically handle that particular variation of video poker. In the bigger scheme of things and taking every single online gambling game into account – if video poker is played with a completely strategic outlook; according to that particular game, winning can be very rewarding. In fact they can be so rewarding that the house edge is cut out almost completely.

It is man against machine, but not in the Asimovian ideal, where attrition would mean the machine won each time. Online video poker machines have to be governed for fairness and specially designed algorithms ensure that every hand dealt is completely fair. If you want to have fun playing online and slots are just a little bit too short off the mark – video poker makes a fantastic alternative.

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