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History of Bingo

Games have always been played by humans for amusement and recreation. When joined with thrill games were termed as gambling. One form of gambling that is found to be popular in the entire world is Bingo. You would hardly find anyone who hasn’t heard of the game.

Though, there is no confirmed information on the origin of this game, Bingo is said to have originate in Italy around 1530 and then gradually it spread in France and with time the game reached every corner of this world.

Bingo is a game that has been found to be played very regularly at different parties and different occasions, basically, to make the environment colorful and fun-filled. It is a game that is enjoyed even at get-togethers, office parties, excursions etc.

Understanding bingo

Bingo is a game of luck or you can say chance. It is one of the simplest of all the gambling games. The only skill required to play bingo is to be attentive and alert. Let us see how bingo is played.

The game has two parts one is of the player and the other is of the caller. The player needs to pay the basic deposit and get a ticket. Now, this ticket is basically a sheet of paper on which the game is based. This ticket normally has 27 blocks. In the standard ticket 15 of these blocks would have numbers written in it. With 3 rows and 9 columns, this is how the ticket is. Every column would have numbers from the tens for example the first column would have numbers from 1 – 10, next would 11 – 20 then 21 – 30 and so on.

The caller has to call out the number which is either generated by a machine, the random number generator, or by selecting random counters from a bag. These counters can be balls as well. Once the number is generated and called out the players need to check on their tickets if the number exists on the tickets they’d bought and mark it with marker.

The winning combinations might differ from place to place but usually there are 3 winning combinations. One is where the players are done with the numbers on either of horizontal line, second where the player has 2 of such horizontal lines and third where the player is done with all the three lines.

The moment that a player is done with either of the winning combinations, the player needs to declare it and then the ticket is checked. Once all the three lines are done the player needs to shout full house.

The rules are same whether bingo is played on the land or is being played through an online casino.

Winning in such games where luck plays the major role is not in your hands. If you show alertness it can definitely happen. But what matters is the fun, the pleasure, the thrill and excitement that a player gets while playing bingo. Enjoy the thrill of Bingo and play just for the sake of getting pleasure.

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